NZ Casino Age Limits

Many of our establishments are available to everybody irrespective of their age. But before you can be eligible to buy alcohol in our gaming environment, you must be above 20 years of age or at least 18 years for other gaming environments.

Gambling environments for 20 years and above

SKYCITY Auckland is fully determined to ensure that those under the required age steer clear of the betting floors and thoroughly authorize the elimination of minors from any betting activity in casinos.
The betting staff and security personnel are fully prepared in being aware of any minors and any of our staff can encounter and deal with any minor and request for an evidence of age.

Neglected Kids

The management of SKYCITY Auckland doesnít put up with the loitering of kids especially when ignored or neglected in any area of the establishment.

Staffs should file a complaint to the security department immediately they notice that a kid has been ignored or neglected by their parent or guardian.

The security personnel will get involved immediately and find the person in charge of the neglected kid. The police are approached once carelessness is confirmed and the customer is restricted from the SKYCITY Auckland building.
The car parks are usually being watched by the security personnel as well as the neighboring environment in the area to locate any neglected or ignored kid in vehicles.

Additionally, the management of SKYCITY Auckland also carry out all the required steps to ensure that kids are not allowed in locations at proximity to the establishment.

The FAQ of Age Limits

What is the acceptable Identity?
A recent New Zealand or overseas passport
A recent New Zealand or overseas driving license.
A recent Hospital Association (HANZ) above 18 of kiwi card.
Any recent identity that contains a photo, date of birth that is issued by any government establishment.

What is the repercussion of providing a fake Identity?
It is unlawful to present fake identity and this act could lead to a fine of $NZ 500 or cause being prosecuted.
This could disrupt the renewal of the permit for new residents in New Zealand.

What are the punishments for being a minor in a gaming environment?
SKYCITY has the authority to present a violation order against any fellow that is under the age of 20 and spotted in the betting floor. You will be restricted from coming back to SKYCITY for two years even if you are already 20 years or above.
You can end up being fined about $NZD 500 or be prosecuted by law.
This could also hinder the renewal of the permit of individuals that are still new in New Zealand.

What punishments follow minor drinking?
For minors below the age of 18, purchasing alcohol could lead to a fine of $NZ 2,000 or a violation fee of $NZ 200
Also, for minors below the age of 18 and found in a prohibited or monitored area of a licensed environment with the absence of a parent or guardian, will be charged with a fine of $NZ 2000 or a violation fee of $NZ 200.
SKYCITY Auckland also has the authority to present a violation order which will make you unable to come back to SKYCITY for two years even after becoming 18 years or above.

What is the Kiwi Access card or HANZ for 18 years and above?
This is the commonly acceptable photo identity for individuals without a recent New Zealand or overseas passport or a driving license.
Application forms can be gotten at any New Zealand Post Office or the Hospitality Association.

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