New Zealand Casino Ultimate Guide

For many decades now, betting has been an integral aspect of the lifestyle in New Zealand even though it has usually been characterized by situations with stringent rules. Recently, it is lawful for kiwis to take part in several forms of betting as long as it is controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. This comprises of horse racing, sports betting, mobile ‘pokie’ slot machines, lotteries and online casinos that are found outside the borders of New Zealand.
This extensive guide provides information on everything players in New Zealand are required to know which includes:

  • A guide that provides clear information on the rules and regulations that protects betting in New Zealand.
  • A full description of your tax commitments.
  • What you will discover at online casinos.
  • Certain tips for players in New Zealand.

Lawful betting in New Zealand

Betting in New Zealand has been documented since the 1830s when horse racing was only allowed to be bet on by Kiwis. Even though New Zealand is an island that is separated, an age-long impact by George Julius, a resident of New Zealand is still felt in the world of sports betting until today. He developed the ‘automatic totalisator’ in 1913 which was called the tote board or the infield machine at racing tracks that display the position of the horses to the fans during a race.

Even with the extended period of betting restrictions characterized in the country, the total expenses on gambling have reached about $NZ 2billion annually. Pokies represent about 35% of this estimation, then casinos which make up of 26%, followed by lottos at 21% and sports gambling at 18%. A percentage of the earnings are required by every of the public betting bodies for the improvement of the community and as of recent, there are six different brick and mortar casinos within the borders of New Zealand.

This law also described that it is legal for players in New Zealand to partake in online casinos as long as it is outside the borders of the country.

The first betting laws that were established

Bookmarking became forbidden in New Zealand in the 1920s and until around 1961, horse racing betting was the only betting allowed at the track. There were very strict regulations on other betting activities until the Parliament approved casinos in the 1980s. slot machines (pokies) became legal and casinos were later introduced in which the first casino was established in 1994.

Laws applicable to contemporary betting in New Zealand.

The 2003 Gambling Act indicated that all betting activities are forbidden except approved by the government. Betting in New Zealand are categorized and require a specific government-issued license before they can function. The highest reward and turnovers differ from one category to the other. Players that are eligible to partake in any betting activity are those that are 20 years and above or at least 18 years to partake in sports gambling that includes scratch cards, horse racing, and lotteries.

Betting activities that are still forbidden include remote interactive betting and bookmarking. Although, partaking in any online casino within the territory of New Zealand is deemed illegal by the Kiwi law. Any player at any age can legally participate in any online casino that is outside the borders of New Zealand. Although, promotions from betting providers within New Zealand is also prohibited.

The body in charge of controlling New Zealand betting industry
The Gambling Commission which is controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs is in charge of managing betting in New Zealand. The commission, launched in 2003 is responsible for issuing licenses to casinos, suggests the circumstances for these licenses and provides contract endorsement for casino location license holders and casino providers.

Player Information In New Zealand

Platers in New Zealand interested in participating in online betting can play freely without any governmental consequence in as much as the casino they are playing from is outside the New Zealand borders. Although most of these online casinos don’t accept the NZD, there are quite a few leading casinos that still do.
Kiwis interested in betting within New Zealand are only restricted to the gaming machine like the slot machine, sports betting, lottery and betting on any of the six land-based casinos in the country.

The number of time New Zealand players routinely bet

About 3.6 million people i.e. 86% of the total population of the residents in New Zealand partake in at least one betting activity where the higher percentage of these players take part majorly in lottery games. It is estimated that in 2013, players incurred expenses of about $NZD 2 billion which is about $1.5 billion USD or 1.3 billion EUR on external slot machines, sports gambling, lotteries, and also at live casinos. There has been a decline of about 19% in betting generally since 2004 although there has also been a 22% increase in lotto expenses from the last 10 years.

Can players in New Zealand partake in international online casino websites?

Although betting regulations might initially seem very stringent to players in New Zealand but their main objective is to obstruct betting providers within New Zealand without a state license from operating. The law out rightly permits any player that is eligible to participate in online casinos that are situated in other regions. This implies that you will have complete access to all the best casino games that include keno, poker, craps, video poker, roulette, baccarat, slots (Pokies) and anything you desire.

Can deposits and withdrawals be done legally on online casinos?

Definitely yes, it is completely legal to deposit and withdraw from online casinos in as much as the casino is not within the borders of New Zealand and situated abroad. Most of the leading online casino even accept the NZD.
Are taxes required from earning on iGames?
You are not required to pay taxes as long as you are participating in international online casinos. Players are permitted to keep their entire earnings without incurring any tax.

Do online casino allow players to play using NZD?

The available leading online casinos that are provided in this post allow NZD. Players can deposit and withdraw in NZD, can play using NZD and even monitor their NZD transaction history on these websites. Exchange of currency is not required in websites that accept players from New Zealand but usually comes with additional charges.

Safe Online Play for Players in New Zealand.

Players in New Zealand will have to entirely rely on the laws of online casinos from other countries since there are no online casinos available in New Zealand. Many leading online casinos have to start incorporating NZD as a payment option recognizing that New Zealand is such a big market.
Players at these online casinos should look out for accreditation and adequate licensing from a well-regarded testing company such as eCOGRA which will constantly provide a guarantee of a smart consumer decision. This accreditation can be easily found at the bottom of the homepage of a credible online casino. If this accreditation is not found easily, it is a warning sign players should look out for in the provider.

What is the assurance players have for the security of their funds?

Players should always find the eCOGRA logo at the homepage of the online casino when in search of a trustworthy genuine money online casino. This accreditation shows that strict security testing has been met, has very sophisticated encryption in place and offers a fair gaming experience for its players. Players from New Zealand can be at ease and rely on the platform as long as the seal is in place.

Do online casinos offer a fair gaming experience?

Every single online casino having the eCOGRA seal (or another accreditation) are constantly audited and checked to ensure that they fulfill high specifications of value. These specifications are not limited to safeguarding the privacy and information of their consumer by installing sophisticated encryption software. A specification of an accredited online casino also involves activities like generating random numbers and constant game inspection. Casinos that also employs scanning of players have been reported to be broadly available online.

Can a player get recourse if an unfair practice is suspected?

Although, the government in New Zealand does not have any legal influence on online casinos that are outside the borders of the country but the player have the ability to file a complaint against any online casino to the licensing firm if any unfair practice is suspected. Firms like eCOGRA provide quality control by investigating any complaints from the providers they accredit.

Accountable Gambling for New Zealanders.

Many available resources can offer assistance to individuals in New Zealand who have a problem gambling. There are various counseling, support groups, and helplines provided by the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand for those addicted to gambling.

There are also several academic materials and periods for meetings and the venue on the website of this organization at for those who need assistance for themselves or someone else. Another excellent resource is The Gambling Helpline New Zealand found at as they also provide similar service.